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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lee Gatiss: New Director of Church Society

Rev. Lee Gattis, Church of England,
a Reformed Anglican Prayer Book Man.
This is an excellent piece of news. 
Lee also understands the Protestant and
Calvinistic character of
old BCP Churchmanship

Indeed, some very, very good news.  While Lee finishes his PhD at Cambridge (I believe he got the ThM under Dr. Carl Trueman at WTS-P on Rev. Augustus Montague Toplady and old school Calvinism in the Church of England), he'll be running Church Society and centralizing operations at Cambridge.  Perhaps he'll meet the soon-to-be-ex CANTAUR when he, Roman Williams, repairs to Magdale College, Cambridge.  Lee understands the Protestant and Calvinistic face of old school Anglicanism.  As an exilic Anglican, deep inside Babylon for many years, we older folks need these young Daniels--these youngins bespeak to us old goats hope for better days and better presentations of the old biblical faith, doctrine, worship and quiet piety.  These young scholars speak afresh and anew.  May Lee's tribe--amongst the youth--be extended and may his tent be widened.

The Press Release is at:

Press Releases

19 March 2012

New Director of Church Society

The Council of Church Society has announced today that the Revd Lee Gatiss has agreed to become the Society’s new Director with effect from 1st January 2013.

Lee is presently completing a PhD on Seventeenth Century biblical interpretation at Peterhouse, Cambridge. When he takes up the role of Church Society Director, he will remain in Cambridge, enabling the Society to develop its profile and work within the Cambridge churches, theological colleges, and other networks.

Lee is well known to the Society already as a speaker and writer and is a member of the Editorial Board of Churchman, as well as its Review Editor. He is also Editor of the Society’s Reformed Evangelical Anglican Library project (REAL).

In addition, Lee is a Visiting Lecturer in Church History at Wales Evangelical School of Theology and has lectured undergraduates and ordinands while in Cambridge, as well as speaking around the country and in various European cities (most recently Eger, Athens, and Nuremberg).

Prior to commencing his PhD, Lee was Associate Minister at St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate (2004 - 2009) and Assistant Curate at St Botolph's Church, Barton Seagrave with St Edmund’s, Warkton (2001 - 2004), a Church Society Trust parish.

Lee has a degree in Modern History from Oxford University, as well as Theology degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and Oak Hill College. He is the editor of the internet journal Theologian ( and author/editor of many books and articles. He is married to Kerry and they have three children.

The Council of Church Society looks forward to working very closely with Lee in the ongoing development and shaping of the different aspects of the Society's activities.

In response to his appointment Lee commented that:

'I am delighted to accept this challenge and opportunity to continue serving Anglican Evangelicals at this crucial time in the history of the Church of England and Anglican Communion. Throughout its long history, Church Society has always been committed to what Her Majesty's coronation oath called "the true profession of the gospel... the Protestant Reformed religion." For the glory of God and the greater good of England and the world, it is my prayer that together we can strengthen and defend this precious inheritance as we make Christ known in our generation. I am thrilled to be playing a part in serving that vision as Director of Church Society."

Church Society Council


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